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SPECIAL four-hours PACKAGE of 36 short lessons:  MINI FMR + TMD PAIN MAP & EXAMINATION
MINI FMR – 21 short lessons

The ‘Mini FMR’ course offers 21 comprehensive lessons on full bite reconstructions. You’ll learn to execute a complete protocol for diagnosis, planning, and treating patients with worn teeth. Discover how to treat patients successfully without knowledge of TMD, and identify those requiring interdisciplinary care. The course includes designing smiles, raising vertical dimension of occlusion, bite registration, preparation through mock-ups, and protecting new reconstructions, all demonstrated through clinical cases from start to finish. Plus, if you’re attending the Summer Camp in Poland, you’ll receive this (over two-hours) course and a host of other webinars as part of your package!

Webinar includes videos:  

  1. How to start
  2. Screening – history and examination
  3. Orofacial pain evaluation and red zone
  4. Teeth wear evaluation
  5. Sleep apnea evaluation and orange zone
  6. Case report- begining
  7. SDS concept – Smile Design
  8. SDS concept – Space
  9. Occlusal schools
  10. Centric relation and bite registration
  11. Mock-up
  12. Microscope ergonomy
  13. Burs for preparation
  14. Preparation through the mock up
  15. V-veneers
  16. Preparation for vonlay
  17. Rubber dam isolation
  18. Bonding and cleaning
  19. Foto documentation and follow up
  20. Nightguard
  21. Case from A to Z – gummy smile & teeth wear
TMD PAIN MAP & EXAMINATION – 15 short lessons

‘TMD Pain Map & Examination’ is a course consisting of 16 concise lessons focused on TMD (Temporomandibular Disorders) diagnostics. You will learn to identify pain and differentiate its various forms. The course emphasizes the importance of patient history in pain diagnosis and introduces the most useful questionnaires. You’ll gain skills in distinguishing pain location from its source, assessing jaw mobility, evaluating temporomandibular joint disc pathologies, and, most importantly, examining the temporomandibular joint itself. The course critically differentiates anecdotal information from scientifically solid data. This (almost two hours)  course is included in the package for those attending the Master Level conferences worldwide or the comprehensive 8-day Summer Camp workshop in Poland.

Webinar includes videos: 

  1. Classification of pain
  2. History-screening
  3. History – orofacial pain
  4. Site vs source of pain
  5. Muscle examination
  6. Articular disc – function and disfunction
  7. TMJ pain map
  8. Pain map – zone 1
  9. Pain map zone 2
  10. Range of motion
  11. Deviation vs defelction
  12. Jaw closed lock – muscles or joint
  13. TMJ space – compression vs distraction
  14. Pain map zone 3 and CCP
  15. TMJ load test

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December 26th-31st 2023
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